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Add Beamshare to your website and start collecting content from your visitors

Integrate the Beamshare widget in your website and make it easy for your visitors to send you videos and images. It takes minutes to set up and it's free for a limited number of files.

If you own a website or you're a web developer and you need to receive files through your website, then this widget is for you.

Why the Beamshare widget can be useful for you:

  • You're running a news website and you would like the public to send you videos and images of news events quickly and with no fuss.
  • You're organising a film competition and you want the participants to send you their films via a HTML form in your website.
  • You're a videographer, an editor or a producer and you need your clients to send you material without them having to create an account in Beamshare.
  • When a file is submitted, it is stored in Beamshare's cloud. Videos appear in your "My Files" section and both you and the client get an email confirmation.

How to integrate the Beamshare widget

Follow these simple steps to integrate the Beamshare widget into your website.

1 Create the widget

Create the widget by clicking on the Create widget button at the end of the widget settings page.

2 Edit your website

Once you have clicked on the Create widget button, a set of instructions will show you what to add to the HTML of your website to load the widget.

3 Change the look of the widget

Optionally, add CSS rules to your website to change the style of the widget and give a uniform look to your website.

4 Start receiving content

The files sent by your visitors will appear in your Beamshare account, in the "My Files" section.

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